26th March 2017Ashridge Duathlon Series - Race 2 - Standard Distance

30th April 2017WT17- Sprint Distance

7th May 2017St Neots Tri Series Event 1 Standard Distance

14th May 2017Monster Mojito - Standard Distance

21st May 2017Big East Tri - Middle Distance

25th May 2017Regional Relays - Club Relays

4th June 2017Beccles Triathlon - Sprint Distance

24th June 2017Tri Farm Sprint Tri Triple Crown Leg 2 - Sprint Distance

25th June 2017St Neots Triahlon Series Event 2 - Standard Distance

2nd July 2017Fambridge Yacht Haven Half Iorn Triathlon - Middle Distance

9th July 2017Gosfield Lake Triathlon - Standard Distance

9th July 2017Norwich Triathlon - Sprint Distance

16th July 2017Discovery Open Water Aquathlon

23rd July 2017Kimbolton Castle Tri (Pool) Sprint Triathlon

29th July 2017

Tri Farm Tri Triple Crown Leg 3 - Sprint Distance

30th July 2017Cambridge Triathlon 2017 - Standard Distance

6th August 2017Anglian Water - Standard Triathlon

20th August 2017Moster Middle - Middle Distance

27th August 2017Hertfordshire Triathlon - Standard Distance

3rd September 2017St Neots Triathlon Series Event 3 - Standard Distance 

10th September 2017North Norfolk Triathlon 2017 - Standard Distance

17th Sepetember 2017Newmarket Autumn Triathlon - Super Sprint Distance

24th Sepetember 2017West Suffolk Triathlon - Sprint Distance

Adult Eastern Region Adult Races 2017

The Club League for 2016 comprises of the same races, as per the East 2017 Triathlon League fixtures listed below, plus the 2017 Regional Relays..

At each of the league events, the best scoring three male TE members and best two female scoring TE members count towards the Clubs points for that race. For the league races, that is a score out of 50,000.  For the three Triathlon Championship races within the league which carry a bonus 10% points that makes for a score out of 55,000.

►  For the Regional Relays, where each team scores out of 20,000 and a clubs best three teams count that will give the club a score out of 60,000..
►  From across the season it will be the clubs five best race scores which will determine their position in the 2016 East Region Club League..
► Trophies for the Club League to be presented at the 2016 East Region AGM + Awards on Wednesday 19th October 2016...

Find out more by clicking this link, a new tab will open.

The League..
►  Will once again be for TE members only
►  Will comprise solely of triathlons
►  Will include 3 championship events (Sprint, Standard, Middle); these will count in the league with a maximum of 11,000 points (other events are 10,000 points)

All of the prizes will be awarded at the AGM & the awards evening to the first three males and females in each of the categories of Juniors (B&C [17-19]), Seniors (D,E,F&G [20-39]), Veterans (H,I&K [40-54]) and Super Veterans (L+ [55+]).

Points at the races will be based upon the East Region TE members time in comparison to the winner of their genders time. i.e. winning male and winning female each get 10,000 and all others are in relation to that. Find out more information, click here. A new tab will open.