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The event date is: Saturday 18th August 2018
Location: Moulsham High School, Brian Close, Chelmsford CM2 9ES
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This event is open to GoTri, Adult, Youth, Tristar (1,2 & 3) and TriStart competitors.
Tri Star event is £16 with £1 deduction on event entry with a valid Triathlon England race licence.  Adults is £20 with £3 deduction on event entry with a valid Triathlon England race licence, and GoTri costs £18

The following age categories are in accordance with the rules, as laid down by The British Triathlon Federation.

Competitors are politely reminded that it is a direct infringement of British Triathlon competition rules to use any device to mark their position in transition. This includes excessive application of Talcum Powder, in and around the competitors transition area. This and any other device or marker will be removed by the duty official where possible. If this is not possible, a statutory 2 minute penalty will be applied.
This event will be registered and permitted with Triathlon England.

Race instructions and individual start times will be published in the week before the race.

Registration will be from 8.30am

Race Starts with TSS at 10am following wither TS1, TS2, TS3, Youth & Adult then GoTri. 

The swim will be a snake, the pool has 5 lanes & is 20m in length so each category will do the following: 
>TSS - 2 lengths, 
>TS1 - 7 lengths,
>TS2 - 10 lengths,
>TS3 - 15 lengths (will start at the top of the middle lane 3 and exit after 5 lengths, jump back in and complete 10 lengths)
>Youth & Adult - 20 lengths (will complete 2 full snake swims getting out and jumping back in after 10 lengths)
>Go Tri - 10 lengths  

Transition will be a short run from pool exit

The run section will be set up as 600m laps on the school field
>TSS - 1 lap
>TS1 - 2 laps 
>TS2 - 3 laps
>TS3 - 4 laps
>Adults & Youth - 5 laps
>Go Tri - 5 laps

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch, by e-mailing infintytri@yahoo.co.uk, or visiting our Contact page, and filling in our handy form.

We are super excited to announce the 3rd Infinity Aquathlon!

The event is one for all the family, and hopefully we will answer all your questions. We are really excited to be included in this years Triathlon England Eastern Region Children's League. The event is now open for entries.